Chris Smith- DCFD

Urban Mindset in the Suburban Fire Department

Some in the modern day fire service say that principles used in urban “big city” fire departments “don’t work” in suburban/ rural settings because of staffing or funding challenges. That’s Bull$@#t its 95% mindset! This raw interactive lecture will provide the Rookie to Fire Chief the knowledge to develop themselves and their department into a more effective/ efficient team by bridging the gap between the “City” and “Small-town, USA”. 

Bio: Chris Smith is a Sergeant in the District of Columbia Fire Department currently assigned to Rescue 3 in the Anacostia section of Southeast Washington. During his 18 year career with D.C. he has been assigned to Engine Company 26, Truck Company 4, and Rescue 1. Chris began his journey in the fire service in 1988 as a volunteer with the Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department. While there he rose through the ranks to become Fire Chief in 2002, a position he would hold for 12 years. Before attending Blue Plains University in Washington, D.C. he was previously employed by the Fort Belvoir Fire Department and was a member of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department from 1992-1996.

Chris holds numerous certifications from Officer IV to Master Underwater Criminal Investigator but considers himself as a lifetime student of the fire and rescue service. He is also an adjunct fire and technical rescue instructor for the D.C. Fire Department, Virginia Department of Fire Programs, and Spec Rescue International.