Ray McCormack- FDNY

Engine Operations in the Modern Fire Environment

This class will cover how to locate, confine and extinguish fires in private houses, apartments and commercial occupancies as well as hose stretches, fire attack, leadership, size up, positions on the attack line, nozzle technique, aggressive tactics, standpipe operations, hoseline choices, engine company emergencies, the impact of the UL studies and more. You will leave with an understanding of how to positively enhance your extinguishment culture and improve the safety of civilians and fellow firefighters by being on top of your game.

Bio: Ray McCormack is a Lieutenant and thirty seven year veteran of the FDNY, Fire Department of New York. He is a panel member for both the UL Fire Stream Attack Study and Coordinated Fire Attack Study. He delivered the Keynote "True Values of a Firefighter" at FDIC in 2009. He was the co creator of Urban Firefighter Magazine. He lectures on tactics, leadership and culture in the American Fire Service. Ray can be contacted via E-mail at Firenymen@aol.com and Twitter @LtRayMack