Nick Martin- Salisbury NC


The Combat Ready Engine Company

This interactive discussion gives credit to the engine company as the ultimate problem solver, as they are the ones who put the fire out. We will discuss the essential mindsets, habits, and skills of firefighters dedicated to this task. From setting up the rigs, hose loads, crews, to the fire attack itself we will discuss how a motivated engine company can prepare itself to do its best work. Also discussed will be real-world and common sense interpretation & implementation of some of the latest fire attack studies, and how we can use this information in our decision making to develop a fire attack plan that stops the fire where we found it.

Bio: Nick Martin began serving in 1994 and presently is a battalion chief with the City of Salisbury, North Carolina. He served previously as a lieutenant with the District of Columbia Fire Department and a battalion chief with the City of Columbia, South Carolina and is also a long-time member of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department. Nick is a Fire Engineering author, FDIC HOT & classroom presenter, and recently served as a technical panel member for the UL Fire Attack Study.