Mike Dowling- PGFD

A Front Row Seat to the Greatest Show on Earth

Setting the Stage For Incident Success From the Front Seat. Every day, fire apparatus turn out on calls for service. In a perfect world that apparatus would be lead by a promoted/experienced line officer. But, depending on your agency, anyone member could be in that seat.

This class will give you ideas, concepts and expectations to prepare yourself for when you are in "The Seat". Discussion points will include preparation, size ups, radio reports initial unit objectives and transitioning the incident to the command officer.

Join me, while we prepare you, for a Front Row Seat to the Greatest Show on Earth.

Bio: Mike Dowling has been a member of the Public Safety Community Since 1992. He has served in a wide variety of agencies serving in the role of FF, EMT/Medic, and 9-1-1 Dispatcher. In 2003 he joined the Career Fire Service with a large County Fire Department in the Greater Washington D.C. area. He was Promoted to Lieutenant in 2010. He resides in Pennsylvania with his Wife and 4 Children