No windows? No problem!


My firehouse is just one story. We don't have a pole, which is a huge dissapointment to all the people that come visit. Personally, it was always frustrating that we didn't have a second floor for training purposes. There are no windows for throwing ladders... 

Yeah we can throw ladders to a blank wall and work on our form but there is a lot to be said for sizing up windows. You need to be able to look at windows and figure out which ones have the highest probability of having life on the other side. You have to be able to figure out which one would be a kids room after a parent comes up to you screaming their child is trapped in their room. 

We decided a lack of windows on our station won't hold us back or limit us to just doing table top stuff. So we took chalk and drew multiple windows on the brick on the side of the firehouse. We drew large and small windows to make it look like that back of a real house and we drew them at different heights (ground floor, second and thrid floors). 

Someone should be in the back of the truck like and recieve info about vicitims trapped at a fire. As they step off the truck they should be told the basic location. The firefighter should then pull the proper ladder, grab the right tools (for your crew), size up the windows, throw the ladder to the right window and spot for rescue, then climb the ladder.

Once they are done, review the scenario and laud their successes and talk through their mistakes. Remember we learn from our mistakes more than we learn from our successes. Stay smart, competent, and aggressive.