Program Your Mind/Body.


How will you react when things go wrong? When your life is on the line and the adrenaline is pumping your brain will revert back to it's basic programming. It's a scientific fact that when your heart rate and stress levels hit a certain point your body goes on autopilot. Muscle memory kicks in and you perform the task as you have done it hundreds or thousands of times before. 

With that in mind, what is your autopilot? Do you train for Mayday situations? Will you panic or know just what to do? We need to be training on these situations more. We need to be sure we know how to call a mayday, hit the emergency button and work on getting yourself out. 

Get out there today and work on calling the mayday, hitting your emergency button in gear, profiling your airpack, and self rescue. Use pallets or chain link fence to "trap" firefighters and have them call a mayday or activate their emergency button. Use a confined space maze or entrapment prop to get comfortable with self rescue. Don't have those props? Have your crew crawl underneath the trucks and place tangled rope or wire on top of or across a firefighter. 

You may never need it, but you need to be sure that you're brain and body won't let you down if the shit hits the fan.