Baseball Bat Swing

Unfortunately, we are all doing more with less. Doesn't mean we have to let that hold us back. Most houses have wooden doors with wooden frames and usually the person riding backwards is at the door before their officer. Don't wait for them for a conventional force. Today's training is on the Halligan baseball bat swing for single person forcible entry. This allows you to force the door with no help.

First, try before you pry. Secondly, have a clear area around you. Then, check to make sure your door and frame are wood. Shock the door (hit the door with the fork high, middle and low). This will show you any extra locks or whether the dead bolt is locked. Have a solid stance with your feet shoulders width a part. Hold the fork end of the halligan like a baseball bat and swing, pick first into the frame, as close to the door and lock as possible. Then push the bar in the direction the adz is pointing (in our example push down. If the adz were up then push the door up). The door will open and control the door. Make sure you practice this skill. The fireground should not be the first place you try this.