Storing Ground Ladders


Make sure you are storing your ladders  correctly. If you have an outside ladder rack the extension ladder should always be the easiest to access (the outside ladder). We see a lot of trucks with the roof ladder on the outside, and this is just causing people to waste time.  You should not have to wrestle the roof ladder to get the extension ladder when lives are at stake. It should be a grab and go set up.

If you have the ladder compartments You should put the roof ladder in butt first. The hooks should go in last so they don't grab halyards of the other ladders. You don't want to waste precious time trying to get the halyard off the hooks.


How do you tie off your extension ladders when you store them? What sense does it make to tie off both rungs? Picture this, it's 0200 and you arrive with fire blowing out of multiple windows. Mom meets you on side alpha telling you her "babies" are trapped on the 2nd floor. You pull off the 24' and begin throw it but it takes you an inordinate amount of time to get it in position, because of the nice, neat clove hitch tied around both rungs. A clove hitch tied around one rung allows you to untie the halyard quickly and efficiently, setting you up the raise the ladder and perform your rescue faster. 


Don't forget to mark the balance points on the rails and wrote the length on the butt ends for easy I.D.