Improving Our Searches

We have to stay away from baby duck searches. 

We have to stay away from baby duck searches. 

Lately we've been seeing a lot of poor search techniques. A lot of people look like a bunch of baby ducks. They follow the leader and don't search all of the room. The person behind the lead person searches the exact same area. We need to fan out. Orient yourself to the wall if you're in the lead or the farthest body part of the lead searcher and spread yourself out. Crawling is for babies not firefighters. Yes, you should be on your hands and knees but not in a straight line. I orient myself to the wall or lead searcher using a hand then extend my opposite arm and leg out to search the room. My body is usually at a 45 to 90 degree angle to the wall. You need to cover as much ground as you can. 

Another mistake is using a tool to search. We were all taught this by someone at some point (mostly in the academy). Does it make sense? Sure, use the tool to extend your search radius. But is it effective? NO! So your tool hit something but what was it? Is it hard? Soft? Table or victim? You don't know, so now you have to stop and check which slows your search. You can also cause trauma to a potential victim because your swinging a tool. You need to be searching with your hands, arms and legs. We already lost our sense of sight why are we taking away our sense of touch? Want to increase your search area? Use the tool to orient yourself to the wall and search off the tool. This should only be used as a quick check. This shouldn't be used during your whole search because it limits your search of anything near the wall. 

One more thing... If you're searching on/under bed or a couch DO NOT sweep with your arm. You should be patting with your hand. If there is a small child there you could sweep them off the bed and never find them. 

Get out today and search! Bunk room, bay floor... wherever! Focus on spreading out and becoming quick and efficient. Be competent, smart, and aggressive.