Firefighters have some awesome tools at our disposal. The halligan is amazing, gotta love a roof hook and the Pig is pretty cool too. In my opinion the best tool that firefighters have is our ability to improvise. 


With that in mind, a few weeks ago we had a fire that was being fed by natural gas. The engine crew stated they had the fire confined but couldn't put it out because they didn't have a wrench or tools to turn the gas off. asked to have their halligan, walked around the the back of the building and turned the petcock with the fork of the halligan. They had never seen this done before and I thought this was a pretty well known trick but apparently newer firefighters haven't been told about it. They asked how they could get better at improvising. Remember, look around at what you have and make it work for you!  Work the problem in reverse. Look at the end goal and work backwards. This allows you to look at things differently and may increase your improvisation skills! Don't be afraid to fail and stay positive! If you think it can't be done, then it can't! Improvise, adapt, overcome and dominate!